Happy Monday everyone! 
I have had an incredibly busy day full of friends! I have been trying to meet up with a couple of friends (ONE LAST TIME!!!) so I can hug their necks and tell them how much they mean to me before I leave and for some reason or another, today I hit the jackpot.
I started out the morning bright and early. I had to be on base by 0745 hours (see how military I am??? hehehe) for a TMO briefing. For those of you like me who are pretty much military retarded, TMO stands for Traffic Management Office and they are the ones who will be picking up my furniture and responsible for moving it back home. You have to schedule a time and fill out all kinds of paperwork verifying addresses and what you are shipping so they make you attend a briefing if you’ve never moved with them before where they walk you through the whole process. 
I have a love/hate relationship with getting up early. I’m not really a morning person, however, if I can manage to get myself out of bed early, I tend to be much more productive than on the days that I sleep in. DUh. right? It’s a concept I’m still trying to convince my body of. 
So I got more done today than I did all of last week. That’s pretty much how I work. Under pressure…
TIMEOUT. I can hear fireworks outside….I have to go investigate. 
Okay I’m back. ugh. Probably the ONLY frustrating part I’ve ever encountered about living in a place that’s not flat is the fact that I can hear fireworks, and see the sky light up, but there is HILL blocking my view!! so lame. 
Yesterday I had the pleasure of hanging out with the Hildebrandt family. Yayyyy! I love this family. I took their pictures at the end of last year and they decided that they needed an update and I was more than willing to oblige! 
It’s really families like this one that make me love my job. They are nothing short of some of the sweetest people I’ve met here in Germany. They are such troopers too! The last time I shot portraits for them it was freezing cold outside and I made them take their coats off for most of the pictures! This time I just made them hike up a mountain, no big deal. 

Okay so it wasn’t a MOUNTAIN, but still, we were all sweaty and out of breath by the time we got up to this awesome castle. Candice told me she would love to do a castle shoot, and I hadn’t been up to Hohenecken before, I chose this one. It’s a pretty cool place! You can’t even really see the castle until until you get up there but there’s an awesome view once you do. 
And it was worth it for the shots….

Plus I got a chance to hang out with Austin and he is a little rascal for sure. I love his expressions! He showed me some Power Ranger moves in between shots and I learned that the gold one is his favorite. (I didn’t know there was a gold one!??)

Such a great start to my week. Next on the blog will be the Bussie family!! So stay tuned and as always, thanks for reading!

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