Meet Coral! Last week we took advantage of the cool morning light and got out to grab some pictures of her with her puppies! It was to both of our benefit because I have been wanting to explore a little more of Richmond Hill, and she recently added Lola to the family and needed some portraits of her little rascal!
I don’t usually advertise myself as a “pet photographer”, however, I have shot a handful of clients with their pets and I always love how they turn out! Here are a few benefits to having pets with you on a photo shoot:
1. They calm you down. 
There are definitely exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, and I think Coral would agree, they make you think less about yourself in a picture and distract you from the fact that there is a camera pointed at you. For those of you who feel awkward having your photo taken, this might be your secret weapon!
We didn’t have the dogs in all of our shots! I wanted to get some of just Coral with this awesome old car!




2. They are fun!


Animals have such great personalities! Just trying to wrangle them into a shot at times will make you laugh, and a real smile is the key to the perfect photo!
3. They love you. 
Who doesn’t want photos with the people/animals they love. Pets are so loyal! Even if they don’t know what’s going on, they just want to comfort you and be near you…and most of all, be loved on!



I’m really crazy about the new locations I found while exploring with Coral and the pups. This bridge was awesome!





Thanks to Coral, I had a great morning and we got some great photos as well as gave the puppies some great exercise and lots of new things to sniff out!
I am starting my new job this morning and then headed to dinner with Coral and her husband for his 21st birthday! I hope you have a great Tuesday!




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