Y’all know I can’t stay in Lubbock very long for a period of time. I lasted a month before I made my escape this time. I decided to go see a friend of mine from college who recently moved to Odessa with her husband, Greg.

Virginia and I are soulmate friends. She has always been special to me. The best way to explain our relationship is to say that we are kindred spirits and it’s funny how that never really goes away.

This weekend was no exception. Friday night we spent the evening watching the Muppet movie and drinking wine while comparing our essential oils. (see? Who else would do this with me!?)

Saturday morning we got dressed on separate sides of the house and managed to wear matching outfits. All the way down to our shoes. Really random but not surprising to us because we already know that our brains are just on the same wave length.

I managed to squeeze in some time with the lovely Amy Lawler, or “Camel” as our close mutual friend calls her. Camel treated us to lunch and we managed to find this super cool Hollywood wall and had to stop and take some pictures of it! (…and in front of it.)

We spent the afternoon exploring Odessa and thrifting to our hearts desire. I bought 4 pairs of old lady shoes that I’m in love with so I’d say it was a success.

Saturday night we went to Midland and had an adventure. We met a middle age woman who was by herself so we joked that we picked up a cougar. She followed us from one bar to the next and we introduced her to her first Chilton.

For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s mine and Virginia’s favorite west Texas drink and you need to try one immediately! Here is the recipe. It’s fairly simple and tastes great!! Much unlike west Texas, it’s cool and refreshing.

Now what west Texas DOES have to offer this time of year is field after field full of gorgeous cotton. On my drive home Sunday, I couldn’t help but to stop and take some pictures. The drive took me forever because I was so distracted by them…so I really had no choice but to stop and stare for a while so I could get it out of my system.

I don’t regret stopping at all!!!

SO this is for all of my Germany friends who have never been to west Texas and don’t know what a cotton field looks like. For the record, I tend to hate the flatness of this area, however, when you can see cotton all the way to the horizon it kind of takes your breath away.

Another successful adventure. Who wants me to come visit next?!

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