I’m so tired and just want to sleep forever. Unfortunately the crying has started. I had to say so many goodbyes in the last 2 days and I am never going to forgive him for making me leave before my time. However, I can’t wait to be an ocean away from him.

FORTUNATELY though, today was really productive. I packed! I have all of my stuff stuffed into 2 suitcases, got all of my last minute stuff done on base, and said goodbye to a few of the greatest friends a girl could ever ask for.

Now I am laying in bed wishing that it was possible to move minds as well. I just want to toss all the trash in the last year and a half and pack a suitcase full of the great memories and wonderful people and unpack it in a new brain where I won’t constantly have to find distractions to keep the tears from flowing.

It’s midnight 30 here in Germany..which means it’s officially my very last full day here. I am overcome with emotion and honestly most of it is not what anyone wants to hear me whine about any longer.

Instead I would love to share a couple of lists I have been working on for the past couple of weeks. Every time I am in a situation and have a chance to, I jot down the things I will miss and NOT miss about Germany. Here’s how it goes….

-trees (don’t have many of these in Lubbock)
-fests (I plan on finding more of these locally)
-wanderlust (it’s going to be harder to find places I don’t know about or haven’t been before closer to home)
-bakeries (I live for chocolate croissants and cherry pastries)
-autobaun (this girl likes to drive fast. seriously fast.)
-beer (it’s just a way of life here!!)
– soccer (and you think TTU gets rowdy)
-men in uniform (it’s weird that I am going to go from being on an air force base to never seeing any ABUs!)
-windows (the way they open, shade, and hinge is genius and America needs to step it up.)
-roundabouts (I love that I don’t have to stop..just rollllllll through. It’s more my speed.)
-weather (pretty much the best year and a half of my life. three words I could go forever without hearing: west texas wind.)
-family (I realize this sounds weird to most, but my friends here have been everything to me in the last 6 months. I don’t know how I would have survived this without them. Each and every one of them has listened to my pain at one point or another..and still loves me. I can’t imagine what a mess I would be without them. Thank you. You know who you are.)

Now there are things that I am not going to miss as well:

-water (I really hate having to specify that I don’t want carbonated water…and heaven forbid it be free.)
-internet (I am spoiled! I miss having fast internet and free wifi everywhere…or outlets for that matter. I am addicted to my devices and I need juice!)
-lost in translation (I don’t like getting nervous when I am leaving a store because there’s a part of me that’s not sure if I’m going out the right door and that I might set an alarm off. I can’t talk to strangers. I can’t call bill companies to complain. I struggle with ordering a meal. It’s just getting old, and my German’s not getting any better.)
-recycling (anyone who know’s me knows I am BAD at this. Too many bags, too many colors, too much trash…I am too lazy for it. Sadly, I’ve just recently gotten used to it.)
-mayonnaise on fries (nope. this is not okay in my book.)
-telephone numbers (wait your number is 12481297481273189232? oh yeah, I’ll remember that.)
-currency (I hate carrying two types all the time! It always seems that I happen to have the opposite of the one I need that day! and what’s with the different size euro bills always. You can keep them true to the German technicolor theme….just make them all the same size pleasssssse.
-gema laws (nothing ticks me off more than when I get excited about a song or a video and I can’t watch it!!)

Thank goodness I am going home! After that rant, I’m sure the German’s are ready to get rid of me! Back to Texas I go…where I have a handful of favorites that I’m excited about as well!

-friends and family who support me
-fountain dr. pepper….with ice!!
-pay at the pump gas
-mail at my front door
.coffee shops

There’s so much more to add to all of these lists…but I’m curious to see how they change as I settle back into life in the states. I think this post has served it’s purpose though. Most of the sad stuff has left my thoughts and I am feeling my eye lids get heavier. Goodnight!


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