I am back from Italy! That was by far the quickest trip ever. It wasn’t even fair! I had so much fun but it was so jam packed into a short amount of time that I felt it was a tease! 

Me, Lori, Shareen, Chelsy, and Cathy.

I was invited by a couple of my girls here in Germany and I just loved getting to hang out with them! I miss my girlfriends at home so it was nice to leave my man for a few days and have some girl time. It was primarily a shopping trip but we all are addicted to our cameras so you can see by the amount of pictures that I put up and am tagged in on Facebook that we all got plenty of shopping and also made time for picture taking! It was kind of nice to not be the only one with a camera. It gave me a chance to get in a couple of pictures! So thanks to Shareen, Lori, and Chelsy for taking a couple of pictures of me to keep as memories from my Venice experience.

Shareen using her mad photo skills!
Lori got this one of the beautiful background.
Shareen captured this one while the girls took a gondola ride.
Shareen and I getting worn out!
the girls taking advantage of another photo opp!
We started out the day bright and early in Nove. They are known for their ceramics and we went to a couple of the factories that Tiffany’s and other stores like Dillard’s order their dish sets from that they sell in their stores. I thought everything was really pretty, but unfortunately I have a tiny kitchen and enough dishes to fill it up and I hate adding to the full kitchen that is already in storage so I opted to look and not buy. 

This is one of the ceramic factories that we went to.

self portrait!

I loved the sun rising on the mountains.
I liked these unique pieces.

We got to Venice around noon and freshened up in our hotel room really quickly before jumping on a bus into the city. We were all starving so everyone stopped for pizza and then soon after, gelato. 

The colorful gelato!

We did all kinds of shopping! I got the leather purse that I wanted, lots of goodies for friends back home, and a cardigan sweater with elbow patches! Ahh! If you know me at all this doesn’t surprise you because I am a crazy old lady who loves cardigans…the elbow patches made the buy that much sweeter.

I loved this mask store!
I really wanted this hat.

I got lots of pictures of the canals and some of the Rialto bridge but honestly the next Italy trip MUST be longer as well as completely focused on getting a million and a half pictures. I attempted to get lost but my girls care too much about me to let that happen! The group made it a little hard to stop and shoot for my normal obsessive amount of time but I did what I could in the time I had! 

I loved that I matched the gondoliers!

I remember seeing these in Paris one year and I was excited to see them again!
Dinner was delicious. We made quite a trek to get to the area we wanted to eat. We followed signs forever that pointed the direction and some of the alley ways were super narrow. It was really spooky because it was getting dark outside but we made it over a bridge right at sunset so we got to take some beautiful shots and then have an authentic Italian meal! The food was great and came in courses. I loved everything that was put in front of me and surprisingly finished it all! A couple of us shared a bottle of Lambrusco which is pretty much sangria without the fruit and not served over ice. It was wonderful and the perfect compliment to our meals. 

We ended the night in our rooms safe and sound. I shared with my friends Shareen and Lori. We finished up a bottle of wine and had some girl talk before we all passed out from our incredibly long day. 

Since I slept the entire drive to Italy, I missed all the great views. I didn’t want to let that happen again so I had my nose glued to the window on the way home. The mountains were unbelievable! The views were amazing and I had such a hard time putting my camera down even though I got to the point of deleting pictures in order to take new ones. (I hate when I forget extra memory cards!) There’s a glare on some of them but I honestly didn’t even care because I loved it all so much. I can’t describe how great it all looked in real life though. I hope that the pictures show an ounce of the majesty that was around me!

The trip was great but so short that I hope to get back really soon…let me know if you want to join me!!
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