I woke up this morning and immediately thought about the blackberries that I have been passing down my street for the past week. There is so much I should be doing instead of playing with fruit. I have been sad about leaving all week and I neeeeeeed to start going through my stuff and getting myself packed and prepared to leave but I am avoiding it at all costs. I hate feeling depressed. I don’t want to think about it so I gave into distraction.

I didn’t grow up in a place where I could pick fruit off of a bush in my yard. My mom liked potted plants..and a lot of times they were plastic. That’s just the way things are in west Texas. You can’t keep much alive in that crazy heat. So I don’t blame her but I definitely have enjoyed spending this season in Germany.

In the last 2 months I have picked cherries, blueberries, and now blackberries. Don’t even get me started on the veggies that are in the garden right now! I posted a picture on my facebook page earlier this week from some of the harvest but there are definitely more green beans than I know what to do with! I’m not a gardener myself. I’ve never really tried. I have, however, enjoyed the fruits (or VEGGIES) of others labor this summer!

I picked blackberries for about 2 hours. I started right at the front gate and just walked along the street. There are bushes full of them all the way up to the back driveway. The only problem is that they are literally on a slope RIGHT next to the street…and it’s kind of a busy street. I’m sure I looked pretty funny because at 5’2, I can’t really reach very high and I was jumping up trying to shake the ripe ones off the branch without hurling myself into the street.

NOT only that but have you ever picked blackberries? OUCh. Blackberries grow in thorny patches that are brer rabbit worthy! There were times that I poked myself so bad I wasn’t sure if the red liquid on my fingers was from the blackberries or my own blood. I exaggerate…but for real. I should have worn gloves.

I may have been a little late to pick because there were definitely a lot of dried out one’s but I’d say I did alright. I ended up with about 6 cups of berries which was enough to make a cobbler and then some!

You know what’s coming…pictures of my playdate with the berries!

I had some fun while the cobbler was in the oven and then I enjoyed it with some delicious German vanilla ice cream and a big glass of milk. The only way to eat it! My only problem now is that I have a ton left! It was a great distraction from the boxes in my room but I am now sitting in here all alone looking at them once again. sigh. 

One great thing I can say about going home is that I know that I’ll have a friend anytime I need one…and in the days coming, I could really use the company.

In the meantime, if you live near me, please come over and let me feed you!

Have a happy weekend! Weather permitting, I’ll be shooting up a storm (punnY!) and hanging out at a festival tomorrow afternoon. OH and I am going to Starbucks! *it’s been a while* Be back soon with more pictures!

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