Are you ready to see the most adorable thing in the world? 

A baby’s bottom! 

Saturday I drove out to a village called Dudeldorf. Yup. Dudeldorf. I bet most of you can’t say you’ve ever been to a village with that cool of a name. In fact, I felt a little cooler just being there! The family I was taking Christmas pictures of, the Chafin’s, live there…so they are just a little bit cooler than me.

They have the most adorable baby. He is just a couple of months old and I totally don’t blame Bridget for wanting to get as many photos of him as possible to document these precious times. 

We kept things short and sweet and did as much as we could inside because guess what….Germany is getting really cold! Some days it’s really deceiving because the sun will come out and you will go out for a walk or errands and be unprepared for the chill that meets you right outside your door. To top it off…the sun doesn’t make long appearances these days. It likes to place peek-a-boo in ten minute increments…on a good day. Not to mention, we are at the peek of short days here in Germany. It is ridiculous how early it gets dark! I was on my way to run an errand at 4:30 today and all the other vehicles headlights were already glowing…this is something that will take some getting used to for sure. 

I am a night owl though. I love the evening so I’ve been taking advantage of it by eating an incredibly early dinner and editing in bed with a glass of wine next to me! Ahh, this is the life. 

Enjoy the pictures of the Chafin family. Lots of more fun pictures on the way this weekend!

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