Hey guys so a quick update–I am not official yet but working on it! I am in the process of applying for my no-fee passport (another thing that I knew nothing about before the military) and as soon as that is done I will be on my way to get my business license. 

In the meantime, I am doing a few photo shoots for friends that want to help me  buff up my local portfolio. I just know that when you see their photos you are going to think to yourself, “Wow! I just can’t wait for Jen to take my pictures!” 
…and when I do you want to look your best. So here are some ideas incase you are starting from ground zero. 


Now I know you girls like to show off your personality in your pictures, and I think that’s great, but make sure you are not taking away from your face, because after all, fashion trends come and go so the most important thing is that we focus on you. A couple of ways to keep your face in focus are to:

  • limit your jewelry. You can wear one big statement piece..but just don’t over do it.
  • wearing long sleeves. I know it sounds kinda weird but if your face is there is a lot of skin showing (even your arms) it can take away from your face. 
  • try to keep from over doing your makeup as well. I know you all think that it needs to be lathered on thick for the camera but sometimes it can make you look older and I know we all don’t want that! Keep in minimal and if you are looking for an excuse to spend money…Smashbox carries a Photo Finish Foundation Primer that does amazing things for your skin in a picture. If you really want to spice things up try on a pair of fake eyelashes! They can give your eyes an extra POP they didn’t have before!

Here’s a collage of my favorite trends of the season which always include jackets, cardigans, scarves, and boots! Layers are your friend people and the color palettes for the Fall are so fun. I love deep reds and purples, yellows and pumpkin orange..and of course brown! The combinations are endless so take a look outside and get inspired.

I do realize that most of the time when I am taking pictures of a guy, that guy had nothing to do with what he is wearing. So women take heed, when you are dressing your man, these are things I have learned look great (and not so great) in a portrait. 
  • again with the layers! Guys look great in a collared shirt with a muted sweater over it. It’s classy and its classic!
  • try and stay away from big brand names plastered over a shirt. Like I said earlier, trends pass, so in a couple of years from now, you might not want to see that brand name every time you look at your portrait. 
  • same with the big prints. It’s Fall, people! You can bring the Hawaiian shirts out again next summer. 
  • I love a man in dark washed jeans. A nice pair of jeans never goes out of style and they are the easiest thing to work into your ensemble.
A general rule of thumb when it comes to family pictures: dress the father…and everyone else will come together. They tend to have the smallest wardrobe so if you can find him something then you can usually manage to accent his outfit with several different things found in your closets. Here’s a couple more ideas:
  • don’t get too matchy matchy. It’s ok to have a color theme, but it’s better if you choose one or two accent colors and you all get a little creative in how you coordinate it. 
  • If you have an idea of where you want your pictures taken, you can figure out what colors will look best. If you are going to be indoors, dark colors are better but if you are out in the sun pastels give your skin a better tone. I like to shoot in the forested areas a lot so I love when people choose to accent with rich colors that stand out next to the browns and greens. 
I hope that this is helpful but if you still have questions be sure and leave me a comment or email me at fromjenslens@gmail.com and I can clear up your fashion emergencies! 
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