I don’t think any of you are ready for this. 

Ok so the pictures you are about to see are the ONLY documentation of my absolute favorite story that my friend Taryn and I share. They are completely awful pictures from a photographer’s standpoint. Please don’t judge. (here comes my basket full of excuses) I was a new photographer. It was late. I don’t think I knewwww what white balance was and I sure as heck wasn’t up to speed on setting my ISO!…and to top it all off, I was probably a little tipsy. 

Let me give you a little background

So back not so long ago, a couple of my friends and I decided to go visit my friend Taryn in Austin. Sister and now bro-in-law, Deb and Rudy, (yes like the first season of Dexter) came along because Taryn was living with Rudy’s best friend Kevin at the time. We got there kind of late and weren’t ready for bed, but most definitely were too simpled out to put the effort into making it an eventful evening. We settled for some retro tunes from our youth and some much needed catching up. 

I remember us listening to NSync and trying to do the Bye Bye Bye dance at one point but I am not positive of our exact goings-on at the moment we realized we didn’t need to go out in order to have an eventful night. Kevin and Taryn lived in this little 2-bedroom apartment right by campus and it wasn’t really fancy if you know what I mean. Austin’s just a “different” place in general (I say that in love because it is my favorite place to be) but before we knew what was happening the front door crashed open and there was a stranger in our midst. Now please note that Taryn is a door-locker. She wouldn’t be this stupid generally. I guess with the hustle and bustle of us bringing our overnight bags in we just forgot to lock the door and being from my hometown of Lubbock, I just didn’t ever think to worry about stuff like that. 

….ok back to the stranger

Debbie after watching the drama unfold

He made his presence known. I mean you would think with a room full of people and loud music playing that someone might be able to just stroll in nonchalantly and no one would be the wiser but in this case, he STORMED in and was running his fingers over the mini blinds while talking loudly to himself. He then turned and purposefully walked to the back of the apartment where the bedrooms were and started messing with the blinds in Kevin’s room. 

Rudy saying, “What just happened?”

At this point we are all kind of looking at each other in shock and don’t know how to react. We are not sure if he is dangerous and we don’t know if he is, but he sure seems like he is on drugs. So of course Taryn makes this kind of giggle scream noise, points to the boys, and then points at the direction the man stumbled off to. The guys run to the back of the apartment (really not that big) and are back within a moment’s notice each holding a shoulder of this crazy hobo and walk him politely out of the door he flew through just seconds before! OH and LOCKED the door behind him.

Taryn in shock
It was over as quick as it began. It was insane. We all burst into laughter and talked about it for the rest of the night; reenacted, even!  It was such a fun night and one of my best memories of hanging out in Austin with Taryn.

Taryn the beautiful

She is the stinkin’ best friend a girl could ask for. She’s been there for me since the 11th grade and there have been quite a few changes in our lives since then! Here are a couple of pictures of Taryn that I have had the opportunity to take that make my heart melt. I can’t wait to get to hang out with this chick over Christmas!! 

Taryn and hubby Chas 

She made a gorgeous bride!

Laughing throughout her bridal shoot (benefits of shooting a bestie!)

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