Today is September 16, which means that as of yesterday, James and I have been married for 8 months. This may seem like a long time, but when I think back to when we first started talking, it doesn’t at all. 

we both look so young here

James and I were long distance for our entire relationship, whether dating or friendship. There was one summer that our work schedules overlapped for about a month at the summer camp we first met at, but other than that, the closest we had been before marriage was about 8 hours. I was in my hometown Lubbock and he was in San Antonio for basic training and tech school. 

For some reason, I adore this man.

The very first time that I went to his “home” to hang out with him was 10 months after we had started using the words “I love you”. He was living in Arkansas with his mom and we were both in school until May so it was the first real chance that I had to spend some time with him. 

My stomach was doing flips the entire plane ride. I was so worried about what I was wearing, if what we had over the phone would translate into a real relationship, and most of all (in true girl fashion) how our first kiss would be. 

For those wondering…Ohhhh goodness. It was awkward! I was so nervous and a big dork and he wasn’t much cooler…I loved it though. It couldn’t have suited us as a couple better. 

The couple of days that I was there was so amazing. I had never been to Arkansas and was amazed at the beauty around me. He showed me lots of winding roads and things he thought I would love and introduced me to his best friends. 

we have more than enough pictures of us “driving”

One day while we were driving I made him stop because there was a turtle in the road. I picked him up and we named him Tommy…then he took me to a park so we could find him a safer place to play.

Tommy taking a ride on the dash

I also got to meet his mommy!! 

Debbie and I

I can’t describe to you how relieved I was to be welcomed into her home and to find out that she was not only nice, but she was smart, and interesting, and passionate about life! I liked her immediately and I think she took to me too because in no time, she was showing me pictures of James in diapers. SO SWEET!

One of James’s friends, who is also named James, is a photographer. We hung out with him one evening and he snapped some pictures of us while we walked around downtown. It was such a fun experience and they supplied me with many great memories. We all know how I feel about pictures…

photo by: James Calloway

Photo by: James Calloway

Photo by: James Calloway

I think this was James’s favorite trip that I ever took to see him. We really made an impression on each other and solidified that the relationship was worth the distance. 

It took a long time, but look where it got us! We wouldn’t be here without that time of getting to know each other. I try to remember that trip when I think about the fact that he is about to leave for 6 months. We did it then, and we made it work just fine. It made our time together so much sweeter.

Our wedding Jan. 15, 2011
I am trying to make the most of every day we have together until he leaves. I just know I am going to miss him like crazy but I will do my best to make sure he knows just how much I love him in the meantime. 

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