Well here it is again! Another Flashback Friday!

As I’ve mentioned, I have been spending time teaching a couple of women, so I want to dedicate the theme of this week to growth…but before I do, let me introduce you!

This is Lori…she has the prettiest eyes

Shareen is the mother hen

Chelsy was weary of me pointing my camera at her. 

They are all newbies to the word “manual” and are slowly grasping the exposure triangle. The girls treated me to lunch the other day (so sweet!!) and then we walked around the park. (or in my case, did cartwheels so the girls could practice their shutter speed skills) I had such a good time and can’t describe to you enough how amazing it feels to be sharing something I love with others!

A long, long time ago…

I can still remember when…lol. Sorry. I took some photo classes for my photo-communications minor while I was in college and I can still remember my first project. I remember taking a million pictures and thinking they were all pretty great. I would turn in the best and learn otherwise. 

wah wah wah

I had an eye, but my camera was so new to me that I hadn’t quite developed any skill. All the technical parts of the picture were wrong, I didn’t know my camera as well as I should have, etc. But we all have to start from somewhere and I can show patience with the girls because I have been in their shoes and want to see them grow as photographers. 

I want to share with you the very first set of pictures that were judged and graded, in the very first photography class that I took. I have no idea what the grade was. It wasn’t baaad, but it wasn’t excellent either. It couldn’t have been. Unless it was a ridiculously easy class…which I don’t really remember it being. Oh man…you would think I have a better memory about 6 years ago, right?

So I am not going to caption all of these because the theme kind of rings out…they are all in need of some light! I am sure there are other things but I think that’s the theme of this series: darkness. haha. I really don’t remember what the theme was…or if there was one.

Man…I need to get my memory checked! I guess I should start eating more carrots…or is that for your eyes? I can’t remember….shit.

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