I don’t know that I really buy into all of the ghost stuff when I realllllly consider it, however, I am in the mecca of haunted houses and ghost stories, and I can’t imagine that today’s date doesn’t hurt the cause.

This week has been kind of weird in general. I have received more job interviews this week than I have the entire 3 months that I have been job hunting. That includes a few photography sessions to look forward to, so I am a happy girl!

This probably has nothing to do with it, but our local Walmart has had several bomb threats. Apparently the last one didn’t even warrant an evacuation! I guess they decided that they would rather not waste shoppers time again, luckily a bomb did NOT go off, heaven forbid they would have to evacuate.

I don’t know how many of my readers have realized that I bleed RED & BLACK and was born and raised a Texas Tech Red Raider. So naturally, I was watching the game last night against TCU and a full fledged FOX ran across the screen! As if the game were not weird enough without the fox, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was a stunt for the new #IamaRedRaider slogan to follow the question the viral video by Norwegian pop duo Ylvis asked “What does the fox say?”

I like to think that if the fox at AT&T Jones Stadium last night did have something to say, it would have been:

Have you seen the commerical? Check it out here 

For those of you who are Patriots fans, or heaven forbid, DIDN’T watch football last night, maybe you are still in need of a dose of “Friday the 13th” strangeness. In that case, I spent some time reading up on some of the haunted houses in Savannah and one story in particular made my arm hair stand on end. Usually, I would be up for going to take my own pictures for a blog post but then I read about how there have been incidences of cameras BREAKING trying to take pictures, and I am not down with that!

Earlier today, a friend told me about a story on Beth Dolgner’s Blog that made me question whether or not today was the right time to read this! Apparently the address 432 Abercorn has quite a twisted history. The legend goes that a Civil War veteran lived in the house with his wife and daughter. The wife died in the house of Yellow Fever but she’s not the one haunting the place.

There was (and still is) a school across the street and the little girl liked to run across the street and play with the other children. The father disapproved of this so much that he put her in a chair in front of the window and forced her to watch the kids play as punishment.

According to the story, after a few days of this, she died of dehydration and heat stroke. He passed away later in life from natural causes but they have both never left the building. If you take one of the many ghost tours in Savannah like so many others have, you might be able to see the little girl’s face in the window of your picture. There is also a weird pattern on the building that looks like the man’s face. Beth’s blog has many stories as well as pictures of people’s individual experiences! Creepy, right?

There are definitely some facts missing to the house’s history so there’s a good chance this is all heresay but the pictures definitely give me the heebie-jeebies!

I haven’t gotten out to do any of the haunted tours in Savannah yet, and although I want to, I don’t think that status will be changing tonight. I plan on staying away from any ladders or black cats as well. I can’t handle any more weirdness this week!

Have a great weekend!

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