Hey ya’ll! Guess who’s home!! That’s right it’s my fuzzy faced husband. And you can tell by the mess he left in the bathroom sink for me this morning. 
I really don’t have much planned for the time that James is here this week. He is, as of right now, scheduled to leave on Tuesday and I am basically going to be at his beck and call until then.
 Last night I warmed him up his favorite soup. I say “warmed up” because I made it last week while I was sick and froze a ton because I didn’t eat very much…and it happens to be his favorite. Today he asked for me to make more…
Since I didn’t have to cook last night I really didn’t have anything to do. I am all caught up on editing and wanted to hang out with him downstairs while he played his new video game so I decorated some cookies that have been waiting on me. I wanted to do it last week but I couldn’t muster up the energy. 
I used my goody bag full of sprinkles and food coloring and spent like over 2 hours decorating like 30 cookies. Every once in a while when I was really proud of my creation I would show James and he would make fun of me. 
I think my favorites were the trees and the candy canes. I also had a couple of turkeys and even though Thanksgiving is over…I decided that they deserved some color as well. I used my new youtube obsession: Karen’s Cookies to help with my methods and had so much fun! 




Some of the cookie cutters work better than others, obviously. The reindeer need some help. It didn’t matter how careful Jessica and I were..these little legs of theirs just didn’t want to come out of the cutter and so I kind of have LEAPING reindeer…it’s cool..let’s all just pretend they are flying. 


Here’s my little forest of Christmas trees and the killer snowman I made. Lots of of them turned out good but I think I got the mittens just right on this one. 



I also wanted to share with you all the cute present that James brought home for me. He knows that the fastest way into my heart are owls and so he has gotten into the habit of owl themed presents. I am totally okay with it. :) I love my little frame..and this morning he even helped me pick out a picture to put in it. It’s a wedding picture from Vegas. The picture is of our “first look” and I am walking up to him in my wedding dress and the first words out of his mouth when he saw the picture were, “Wow, I look good in my blues.” …no mention of me in my wedding dress…I gave him a hard time for that one. I love my husband. WE both do. 


And I know that these pictures are kinda dark but my house is kinda dark at 5am. That’s what time I woke up this morning because this was going on downstairs….

It’s okay. I am happy to hear the sounds of war downstairs if it means that my babe is the one making them. I’m so glad he’s home!!! 


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