Rules? Who needs ’em!

I have never been one for following the rules. I am pretty sure people think I am a rule follower. I was always a great student. I never got in a ton of trouble. I was in church every week. You know what that says about me? Absolutely nothing. That I was enough of a goody-two-shoes to get away with anything I wanted when the situation presented itself.  

Free spirited? 

I just follow the rules I want to. Sorry! No wait! NO apologies! It’s not that I have this underlying desire to be particularly bad, I just like to refer to myself as a “free spirit”. 

…or just wrong…

This mindset has gotten me into trouble when it comes to my photography. I don’t like learning from a book. I never have. So although I took photo classes, I couldn’t tell you much of what I learned from a test. I just knew I liked to take pictures. So how did I learn? I took pictures…of anything…or anywhere…all the time.

ahhh memories 

I used to make my little sister Debbie be my model. We always had an adventure and absolutely followed the “seat of our pants” every time we left the house with my camera. With Debbie by my side, I never questioned “Private Property” “No Trespassing” signs. This made me brave. We got some fun pictures in places we knew very well we were not supposed to be…but alas, I am not a rule follower!
Debbie being a very willing yet awkward model. (my inadequacies not hers) 

I am such a sun flare fan!

I love the contrast and bright colors

another colorful shot

One last shot before running to the car!
…there are always consequences

Now please note that I have gotten much less brave in the last couple of years. I have gotten in trouble multiple times for trespassing and have paid a couple of $300 tickets for being on train tracks. Worth it? Sometimes. 🙂 ….but crime doesn’t pay people

                          …and $600 can buy lots of camera toys. 
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