More than anything, I love an opportunity to see something I haven’t seen before. I always refer to it as an adventure. It’s my favorite pastime. Since moving across the country isn’t something you get to do everyday, or every lifetime, I have been trying to take full advantage of it.

Georgia is like my cross continent move to Germany in the way that it is NOTHING like West Texas. There are trees everywhere and even though I don’t really notice much hills like in Germany, the beach more than makes up for it! Oh and did I mention the trees?!?!?!!?

There are live Oaks everywhere just dripping with Spanish Moss and I stop and take pictures of pretty much every one of them like the true tourist I am.

My favorite has to be the mile long path into the Wormsloe Plantation. I went here a week ago with a couple of new girlfriends I’ve made since moving. I’d like to say “we” but my own reactions are not worthy of this yet, but the girls have lived here for a while or are from Georgia so they are somewhat used to the gorgeous trees but we all kind of had a jaw dropping moment when we pulled into the gorgeous gates and saw the Oak lined street

For those of you who like random facts, this is where the famous line in Forest Gump happened. “Run Forest, Run!” I, for one, hate that movie because it reminds me of being in the 2nd grade during P.E. and kids screaming “Run Jenny, Run!” at me. Ugh! The nightmares! That may be where my hatred for running stemmed from actually

As wonderful as Wormsloe is, it’s just one of the many stops I’ve made lately. There is the ever popular Forsyth Park in Savannah. I loved walking through and snapping pictures but even more, stopping and enjoying a picnic under the trees!

The beaches, I’ve been told, are ugly…but hey this west Texas girl isn’t complaining one bit. I’ve gotten to try my hand at shark fishing, take some family photos at Tybee Island, and spend some time frolicking in the waves! What more can I ask for?! Did I mention the Dolphins?! They definitely add to the excitement….

As long as sharks don’t show up! I’ve been watching the Discovery Channel’s popular Shark Week and the last thing I need is for Megalodon to show up. ;) and for those of you who haven’t been watching, the Discovery Channel is pretty much giving up any credibility this week with their hoax “documentaries”. So much for education.

I can’t wait to discover more of what south east Georgia has to offer! I’ve had so much fun exploring not only around here but even into South Carolina. It’s so close! Tony took me up there a couple of weeks ago for the weekend and managed to catch sunset on the beach! (Even though we had tropical storm weather the rest of the weekend)

I can’t explain the high I get from getting to take pictures in a pretty location. I love it! I am trying to build up my clientele here so if you know anyone in the South East Georgia area please pass along my name and let them know that I’ve got so much up my sleeve for upcoming shoots and I WANT to be their photographer!

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