The Bailey family is getting to celebrate being together this weekend after a long deployment! Lindsey and the kids were so excited last Saturday to get their husband/dad back home with them! I got to follow them around for a couple of hours and catch some of it through my lens and since it’s Veteran’s Day, I wanted to show you what our everyday heros look like here at Ramstein. 
We had no idea what we were doing. I had never been to a homecoming before and poor Lindsey kept getting the run around so we started out in the terminal and soon found out this is where we needed to be. 

We all did good for a little while. We were super excited and the kids had their flags and signs ready for dad but WHERE WAS HE? We found out that his flight had been delayed for a couple of hours so we made plans to meet back up later. 

The children of the waiting families were kind of bored towards the end. LOL (what’s new?) and they took to sliding over this cement floor in the waiting room that we all sat in for an hour.

We were all so anxious and ready that when we heard that they were unloading outside the doors, everyone gathered in the hallway to catch the first glimpse of their loved one! 

Aww a family reunited! It was a mad rush once they all started walking in but I snap, snap, snapped away and got those precious moments of babies and their daddy….and I’d say a pretty happy wifey by the size of that smile. :) 

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