I got to spend some time with Lula this weekend! 

Lula the Cairn Terrier. 


  • Emma dropped Lula off

My friend Emma and her husband decided to go to Paris for the weekend and little Miss Lula had to stay behind. She asked if I would watch her and since I have been wanting a dog, I figured I would get a taste of the “dog-mommy” life. 

I did a weekend dog sit a couple of weeks ago for one of James’s friends and it went well but since then I have been wanting a puppy really bad so I figured I could use the practice, as well as the company!

  • Lula and I attempted to take a walk in the rain

I have been trying to do photo challenges with a group of fellow photographers on Facebook and this weeks’s theme was landscape pictures. The point of these challenges is to get out and get some new perspective and I totally wanted to make the best of the rainy day and get some beautiful, ominous, rolling grey storm clouds and could see this image already stamped on my brain but Lula, and those clouds, had other things in mind. 

We set out and although it’s been pretty cool I decided that looking cute with my precious dog was more important than keeping warm and dry. I have been walking through the town since March now so I decided to take a LEFT instead of a RIGHT down my street and explore the fields that I know are past the ghetto dance club. 

We prob walked for ten minutes before it started pouring. My poor camera was soaked and I didn’t have enough clothes on to protect it! I didn’t want to stop walking though because we found some great farmer’s fields and I wanted to find the perfect landscape for my shot. I snapped a couple of the path we walked on. Here is one of the shots. 
Lula on a walk

So do you notice that there is an animal in my landscape shot? Turns out, holding a leash with an impatient puppy and taking pictures don’t mesh well. When we finally got home from the walk and I got a chance to dry off and look at the pictures I took of the fields, over half of them were either blurry or had water drops on them. Just part of the job people. I can’t always get what I want. I did try though! SO that was a fail.

  • woke up to find a surprise on the kitchen counter. 

James had snuck off earlier in the morning to buy me Fruit Loops and milk. I had mentioned the day before that I was craving Fruit Loops and he was playing video games so I was positive that he hadn’t heard me but it turns out he had been! It was a lovely morning! 

  • found a smelly surprise in James’s room. (we each have a room for our clothes. One of the joys of having a 3 bedroom house) 

Lula just couldn’t help herself. Poor thing. I guess I am a bad “dog-mom”. I kept trying to take her out the night before but she would just get excited about the rain and want to play instead of taking care of business. I was just glad I found it before James did. 

  • watched the latest episode of Jersey Shore

I am all caught up on my Jersey Shore references now and I feel like my IQ might be a tiny bit lower. James is enjoying it with me though and has taken to even quoting some of the lines that the guys use. His favorites include waking me up by saying, “OH YEAH, WAKE UP, YEAH!” and playfully trying to fight by using the phrase, “Come at me BRO!” I didn’t marry a guido…or so I thought. 

  • made dinner using a new recipe

I have officially sworn off white wine sauces. I don’t like them. I have tried twice now and I just HATE the taste. Maybe I am just using the wrong wine? Maybe I am just a bad cook? Either way, James and I both didn’t enjoy my chicken with white wine sauce experiment this weekend.


  • Lula goes home

Emma and Chris picked up Emma and she was more than thrilled to see them. I was feeling pretty good about my mom skills but I think I have decided that I might want a cat instead of a dog. Lula is just clingy. I thought I wanted a pet who would need me but I found it to be kind of annoying. Not that I don’t like her, but I am so not used to tripping over something every time I turn around. 

  • present time!

Although she really didn’t have to, Emma brought me back a present from Paris! She got me this cute little tin full of little biscuit cookies and I just had a fit of excitement when I opened it up and saw how adorable it all was! They were all different colors and some had yummy fillings. I pretty much died and went to heaven trying to eat them. I couldn’t help but take a bite out of each one just to see what was inside…but not before snapping a couple of pictures!

They came in a matching bag and tin!

Cute scene on the tope of the tin
::enjoying the moment::
                                      Incredibly precious, right?
Some of my goodies before I gobbled them up!

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