I don’t have a therapist, therefore I blog. So if you didn’t sign up for a little emotional roller-coaster, you should probably stop reading now. 

I am so not ready for what is about to happen. James is leaving so much sooner than I had pictured in my mind and I just found out tonight that he isn’t coming home for a couple of days before leaving for Afghanistan. I knew there was a chance that he wouldn’t but just like my hopes that he would be here to spend Thanksgiving with me, I was kind of counting on those couple of days as a recharge and to know that in just a couple of weeks I have to say goodbye for months is really killing me on the inside. 

Now this is something that I knew I would just learn the realities of sooner or later by marrying James as an airman but I don’t think I was prepared for him to be so happy about leaving. I am trying so hard to be supportive of James and I want to be excited for him, because he really is ready and wants to leave. He is excited for a change and for the experience and I realize that’s a good thing and that so much good could come from this time but then there’s the whole other side of me that takes over and is scared to death of what 7 months apart can do to a relationship. A relationship I work very hard at. ugh. It’s so heartbreaking for me to think about being away from him for so long. 

So I’ve been a girl. I realize that crying doesn’t change the situation but every time he mentions leaving tears just start rolling down my face. I can feel my eyes starting to water and he either doesn’t notice or is trying to ignore them so I wipe them away and try and keep my voice strong. And this is a couple of weeks out…I can’t imagine what I’m going to be like when he leaves. 

I’m sorry to those who read expecting pictures today. I have been a slacker the last week or so..I’m giving my camera a deserved break after Italy. I am hoping to get some wonderful pictures of some beautiful people soon but for today…there’s just good ol’ depressing me. 

Everyone has their moments right?

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