A while back my friend Jessica mentioned that she kind of wanted to get all of her girlfriends together for one last time before summer was officially over. She thought it would be fun to grill out and maybe give it a theme since we love dressing up! Alas, the “peace out, summer” party was born.

I love theme parties!

Jess so graciously picked me up early on Friday afternoon and I helped her get ready for the festivities and then we jumped into our costumes right in time for the party to start. 

I managed to snag quite a few pictures of the process and although I took the pictures, the credit goes to Jess for all of the creativity.

It was raining but our decorations still screamed “summer”

She made window decals out of acrylic paint and contact paper! They were perfect and transformed the room into a party zone!

Her living room is perfect for parties.
everything looked so festive!

She baked these delicious cookies and decorated them herself. They were so good that my drunk butt took the leftovers home to cure my hangover the next day. 

She let me cheat and eat a little one before the party started!

We even took pride in the way they were set out
Jessica decorated them so uniquely!

I helped a little with this…

can’t go wrong with some lime and coconut!

Yellow kiwi that I cut up for the fruit salad

She also made some amazing pizzas. GIRL HAS GOT SKILLS! She grilled pizzas which I was completely impressed by and totally thankful for because I love a great recipe. (and these were to die for!)

basil and cheese!

her hometown favorite—and my fav of the night!

It was so refreshing to get to hang out with a bunch of girls for a change! I miss my friends at home and this was the next best thing, if not better! (don’t hate me my loves) I say that because each of these girls is in the exact position I am and it was so nice to be able to connect with them in ways that I can’t exactly explain to the girls back home. I mean I could try…but I would have to stop a million times and explain all of the military terms. (and I still don’t even know them all!)

I met some great girls and I am hoping and praying that they thought I was cool too….because I am trusting Him and he knows how badly I need that support system here! 

 So I got kind of absent minded after everyone got there and forgot to get pictures of everyone in their hippie costumes but I did get a group photo before everyone left. 

Peace out, Summer!
Thanks for coming!
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