..thank goodness. I was worried for a minute. 

I woke up yesterday with the sniffles and ended the day with a MAD cold. I feel achy and nauseous from all kinds of nasty drainage and there was absolutely no medicine in the house. I had some earl grey tea with honey last night and that allowed me to sleep some of it off I think but it’s all good because James bought me some DayQuil and I should be 100% soon enough…as long as he goes easy on the incense until the burning of my nostrils subsides.

 I had my last appointment to obtain command sponsorship today, of all days, when I feel like a big pile of poo poo. It was a breeze…but I can’t lie, I was a little nervous. I started psyching myself out when James told me I had to have a mental heath meeting in order to get clearance. I had never really thought about it but since I have gotten here, I have most definitely had some issues. Nothing too serious, just all the regular problems of someone who jumped into marriage in a foreign country. lol…because that’s normal!?!?! haha.

James and I walked in and there were three doctors sitting in front of us with all this paperwork in front of them. He said he would kill me if I failed after all the work he put into getting all the other paperwork done so the pressure was on! Asked me a total of maybe ten questions and then said their goodbyes! Easy cheesy! Why was I worried?

Now on to getting better…which means in bed and on the computer. wait. This is what I do everyday! 

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