I’m combining two things I love tonight. I could really technically do a post about music and a completely separate post about sunsets but I happen to be all about the merging of good things so in the name of “Brangelina”, I bring you both pictures of sunsets, and my music musings of the week. 
(Over-processed James…for the sake of my playtime)

People who know me best, know that I absolutely love music. Some would say I have weird taste in music. Not “weird” to all, but although I enjoy the mainstream trends, I love to dig deep into the unknown. I have even been blessed with a few friends who are the same way >>if not more so<< that recommend bands and songs to me constantly. In fact, today I had an impromtu facebook wall conversation with my buddy Boo. He shared his band pick of the moment: Freelance Whales. I listened to a couple of songs and most definitely decided on favorites quickly. I kind of enjoy bands that you can do that with. I can immediately decipher whether or not I like them and I don’t have to convince myself one way or another. 

In fact, Freelance Whales are another fusion. They’re a good folky-pop mix and a little bit of banjo added in for the heck of it. I also liked way the lyrics flowed. They were interesting and seemed to fit into the music juuuuust right. My favorite songs were Hannah (because you can’t ever go wrong with a song named after a girl) and Starring. Give ’em a listen…what’s it going to hurt?

As I type this I am listening to the new Red Hot Chili Pepper’s album I’m With You. I have no choice on whether or not to like this album because when it comes to the RHCP, my opinion doesn’t matter. These guys have been making music for 30 years….so they are doing something right. BUT not even that has any weight on whether or not I like these guys, because my husband James likes them enough for the entire world. I was going to say “country”, but let’s get real. He is the source for anything having to do with RHCP so of course he has been listening to this album non-stop since his pre-ordered copy downloaded on to his iTunes. I have already heard the whole thing but because I don’t sit downstairs with him and LISTEN to them with him, he made it my homework for the night. So I am sitting here…not really “liking” or “disliking” the album, just processing the thought that until the RHCP come out with another album, in every situation where he is in charge of the music we listen to, I will be hearing RHCP’s I’m With You. (for the record, I really like The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie)

James…prob listening to RHCP

Personally, I am anxiously awaiting Feist’s sophomore album Metals that will be here in October. She has a single out that I think is kind of weird…but again that can be attributed to the differences in albums and how sometimes it’s easy to like a band or song and sometimes it takes a couple more listens before you can decide. I am WILLING myself to like her new album, even if How Come You Never Go There hasn’t tickled my fancy yet. You can listen to it here. 

Right…so that’s my take on music this week. Please feel free to share yours with me and keep in mind that my favorite thing in the world are amazing cover songs. If you find any gems please pass them along! Another blog post for another day, perhaps.

On to some pictures? Last night’s sunset was one of the best that I have seen while living in Germany. West Texas spoiled me and I just can’t seem to be satisfied but last night’s hot pinks and crazy clouds may have been a stepping stone! I want to share last night’s picture…but first some of my favorites from home that happen to be on my external hard drive. For you Lubbockites, I know you won’t think these are anything special because you are a witness to them so often…but my Germany friends will be able to see something I haven’t been able to locate since I got here, the horizon line. 

This was literally taken while James and I were driving on one of our many road trips
The view outside the window of my room at my parents house

One of my all time favorites. Taken at a Texas Tech football game

I like to refer to shots like this as “sky on fire”

Taken the night that we buried my Grandpa a couple years ago
(lots of noise. sorry I don’t think I had mastered ISO)
So that’s it for the Texas sunsets…

taken a couple of nights ago because I happened to notice the sun shining through my window
annnd finally, here is last night’s sunset! I still don’t believe that it matches up to the beauties I grew up with but I will take these for the next 2 years if it means I don’t have to deal with west Texas wind. Sorry, folks! haha. I love my new sunsets…and I get to see them 7 hours earlier here!  
sorry about the stupid stuff in the way
That’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed the sunsets..and maybe listened to some of my music recommendations whilst doing so! 
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