I really am proud of myself. James has been gone for almost a month and I have kept myself insanely busy the entire time. Minus the last couple of days that I have been knocked off my feet from a stupid head cold. Those days are over though..and I am TRYING to ignore the fact that my ears still haven’t popped from all the blowing of my nose and move on to more exciting things. (anything is more exciting than drainage problems) 

I have made the most eclectic group of friends since being here. None of them are the same but I love them all and some of my favorites to hang out with are the kiddos from my photography group. I continue to make new friends every time I attend a group function and Tuesday was no different. 

We had breakfast in Baumholder at Ambers house. She not only supplied breakfast and a place to play, but set up her studio equipment in her living room so we could all mess around with ideas. 

I had so much fun and I got to play around with my flash, which I rarely use, so it was educational and really worth while for me. I had quite the day in Baumholder but that’s another post for another day. 

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and while I won’t be getting to spend it with family or with James, I do get to hang out with the lovely Aiduk family and their friends. I am so thankful for the friends that I have made here and how great they have all been to me. The photography group in particular has really encouraged and spurred me on in the area of life that I was maybe questioning for a while. They have been such a blessing to me! 

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