I joined my friend Julia yesterday for some quality time at the Kaiserslautern fair. I feel like there are festivals of some sort EVERY weekend here but I am always down for some good food and shopping so I was happy to be there! 

I had never seen these little guys before. Julia says that the filling is made out of whipped and sweetened egg whites but I tried the coconut flavored one and it just tasted like marshmallow fluff to me. (Which makes me question what marshmallows are made of…because I have never wondered before!)

So yesterday was kind of a big day in Texas and I was more than a little bummed not to be there cheering on my teams on such a big sports day. The Rangers and the Raiders were playing and I needed an afternoon with Julia to take my mind off of the fact that my heart was in Texas. 

Ich liebe football…not to be confused with fussball, which is where James was all afternoon. He went to go see Kaiserslautern play and hang out with his friends so that left my afternoon free to take pictures to my heart’s content at the fair. 

I love the toys that they sell at the fair. They are all home made looking and these little things in this picture right above are my all time favorite toys. I have a little collection at home and maybe I should start collecting some more while I am here….hmm.

We started getting really cold so we stopped for some Gluhwein which is basically boiling hot wine. It’s a little kick in the mouth but it was really welcomed because our hands were about to fall off. 

Very soon after, we stopped for chocolate covered fruit. Julia got strawberries and bananas and I opted for just strawberries. I freaking love these things. They are amazing. I’m not going to lie, part of me misses the state fair in Texas and all the fried food I missed out on this year, but I don’t think I am truly missing out because as you can see, I had enough goodies to build my “winter layer” yesterday. Sooooo I think I will be okay. 

Oh and the Texas Tech Red Raiders brought home a WIN….but the Rangers let one go to the Cardinals…it’s okay, they’ll show ’em tonight! I think I’ll call Debbie (who is going to the game!!!!!) and listen to the crowd sing “Deep in the heart of Texas” and pretend I am there. 

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