I love having Wednesday mornings off. It really is the perfect break during the week to get done the things I’ve been putting off since Monday or need to get done before Friday. However, I am still getting used to it and I literally laid in bed last night trying to remember if I had today off or tomorrow. All part of working 2 jobs and trying to take photos in between, I guess. I lose my brain somewhere in between it all…and I’ve been paying for it at work. I can’t wait until I can be doing photos full time again. I would love to devote all of my time to my clients and making their shoots as fun as possible.

This weekend, for example, was a really shoot. I had the opportunity to take some new pictures for the girls at ReGimen. ReGimen is an elite men’s salon in Lubbock. They like to make all of the important men of our thriving metropolis feel even more important by making sure they have the best salon experience possible. This sometimes includes a beer and a scalp massage. Kind of makes me wish I was a man!

In fact, they even had our new Texas Tech head football coach Kliff Kingsbury in the shop last week! For those of you who aren’t familiar, (I know a good portion of my readers are not in Texas, much less Texas Tech fans) Kliff was a former Red Raider and was a quarterback for us while at Tech. He has since played for the NFL and coached at one of our rival Texas schools. When our head coach quit out of the blue, Kliff came to our rescue and took the job. Since his decision to come back to coach at Tech, the girls of Lubbock have been going a little crazy. We couldn’t have asked for a better looking head coach. Tshirt sales have gone way up. The most popular one I’ve read is pink and glittery and reads #ourcoachishotterthanyourcoach. So yeah…now you’re caught up. You’re welcome for that.

I think the girls had just as much fun with me as they did with Kliff. ;)

We got some great shots (the camera kind, not the jello kind) and then had a couple of drinks afterwords. That’s my kind of shoot!

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